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T&C - Terms & Conditions

Contain Yourself Storage - Terms & Conditions of Business

This Storage Agreement for the provision of storage space is made between the customer and Contain Yourself Storage, with the full terms & conditions available upon request. Key clause summery is outlined below:-

Key Clauses Summary
Non-Payment of Licence Fees:
Unless agreed otherwise, invoices will be issued approximately 14 days in advance of payment date. It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment is received by us on or before the due date.
All late payments will result in your container being locked and incur an unlocking fee of £20.00 and an additional charge of £29.00 will be incurred for each week the storage charge remains outstanding.
 If you remain in default of the storage charge, we will retain your security deposit and in order to recover our costs sell & dispose of your goods.
Licence Fees are paid in advance and will be refunded to the nearest unused complete day together with your deposit. You will be refunded by direct debit between 14 to 28 days following departure on condition that you give 7, 14 or 28 days’ notice of departure (subject to the agreed hire period), leave your storage container clean, do not incur any charges for damage, return our supplied padlock & all keys and provided that all charges are paid up to date.
Storage charges may be reviewed at any time subject to giving you not less than 28 days’ notice in writing.
Contain Yourself Storage is not liable for any loss of or damage to the goods stored or to any goods or deliveries accepted on your behalf (other than caused directly by our breach of the agreement or our deliberate or negligent act or omission) or for any consequential loss even if that loss or damage is due to the fault of Contain Yourself Storage. Where we are liable, our liability does not exceed the true value of the goods.
It is strongly advised that you make the appropriate arrangements to insure your items.
Contain Yourself accept no responsibility for the contents of your rented container
Security and access:
Access is normally 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You accept that Contain Yourself Storage reserves the right to make and to alter regulations concerning the hours of access, general management and security of the complex and your unit, and you agree to observe and abide by such regulations. Whilst all efforts are made to assure security Contain Yourself Storage accepts no responsibility for site security.
Ownership of goods:
You confirm that you are the owner of the items stored, or that ownership is vested in you for the purpose of entering into this agreement. You confirm that the owner of the goods, if not you, understands and accepts Contain Yourself Storage’s right ultimately to sell or dispose of goods to recover any outstanding charges.

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